The Local Government Unit (LGU)-Balungao has also undertaken the expansion of its livelihood programs to alleviate the condition of the local farmers.  These programs are intended to provide technical know-how, access to information, equipment and products for the production of high yield crops with lesser expenses.
 To encourage farmers or interested parties to diversify and try other means to generate income, seminars and trainings were conducted to demonstrate other methods of farming, such as Organic Farming.
Organic farming such as VermiCulture and VermiComposting was also introduced for the production of organic fertilizer for their own use or for sale.  By this, the local farmers may defray the high cost of fertilizer or generate additional income as well.
Organic Fertilizer and Organic Starter Kits, with African Night Crawlers (Worms), Knapsack Sprayers, Seeds and even goats were distributed to thousands of individuals, particularly farmers, as part of the LGU’s income generating programs.
Rice Program

High Value Crops Development Program

Livestock Program

Special Projects

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