Steps in Securing Business Permit




  1. Cedula
  2. Barangay Clearance
  3. D.T.I
  4. B.I.R tin number
  • Secure application form from the Treasure’s Office
  • Accomplish the application form
  • Submit the application form and requirements for assessment
  • Pay the business permit fee,  sanitary Insp. Fee, Fire Insp. Garbage Fee
  • Proceed to the following Municipal Officials for signature and approval
  1. Municipal Treasurer (Mrs. Milavic L. Ulpindo)
  2. Sanitary Inspector (Dr. Irence G. Ocampo)
  3. Municipal Health Officer (Dr. Irence G. Ocampo)
  4. Fire Department (Fire Marshall Jose Beltran)
  5. Chief of Police (Sr. Insp. Garie Noel Pascua)
  • Proceed to the treasurer’s office to get your Business Permit and official Receipt (Mr. Victor N. Lavarias, Jr. Mrs. Cecile Mae Doculan, Mrs. Nelita Calica Mrs. Melinda Arlantico)

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