Education and children are the primary consideration of the Local Government Unit of Balungao (LGU Balungao). It promotes culture, values and good citizenry and aims to develop the talents and academic performances of school children.

The Department of Education and the LGU Balungao works closely together in making the school environment conducive to learning and making it safe and clean for the school children.

It the year 2017 through 2018, twenty (20) school buildings were constructed in all barangays in Balungao to address the growing needs of teaching and learning spaces or to replace buildings that were declared unfit for occupancy or use. These school building projects were built through the initiative of Cong. Marlyn Primicias Agabas, the Department of Education, and Mayor Philipp G. Peralta.

In addition to Elementary and High School Buildings, Child Development Centers (Day Care Centers) were either constructed or rehabilitated to ensure the development of young children, whom are the most valuable members of the society. This shows the deepening commitment of the LGU through Mayor Philipp G. Peralta, to uphold early childhood education and values.

Incidental to the promotion of quality education, school supplies are distributed to ail Elementary Students and Day Care Children in Balungao. This is a personal commitment of Mayor Philipp G. Peralta and Phil. Red Cross Director Riza Rodriguez Peralta to assist all school children in their basic school needs in support to quality education, regardless of the family’s income and capability. This is to ensure that ail children should be given equal opportunity in school and enjoy the basic school necessities that are provided them.




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