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Re-Painting Of Municipal Building (1)

Though Balungao is a fourth class municipality, one notice that it is moving towards progress. The Municipal Hall is a concrete edifice with annex building housing the different personnel’s of both the National and the Local governments. Inside the municipal compound are the recently improved mini-park, the municipal gymnasium and the fruit bearing trees fully cared by the municipal gardeners. The lawn is spacious for possible expansions. Manifestations indicate that Balungao is never neglected under the strong leadership of the Municipal Mayor Philipp G. Peralta, Jr. who is development oriented and very much sold to current government programs. He has strong ties with local Sanggunian members and the Punong Barangays enabling him to pursue activities and programs towards national goals and objectives.GOAL
To develop social, economic and political and political programs in the community for the upliftment of the livelihood of the people.

1. Construct water supply facilities that will provide sufficient water to the barangays;
2. Construct more feeder roads and improve the already existing ones and to make the interior barrios more accessible and facilitates the transportation of products to the market;
3. Cottage industries by helping the people secure funds to increase their capital and looking for longer markets;
4. Peace and order condition of Balungao knowing that any community could not prosper with an atmosphere of fear and disorders;
5. More markets to absorb all the farm products of the people to increase their income;
6. Provide adequate medical and health services;
7. Mobilize human and material resources and accelerate training programs designed for this purpose.
8. Intensify tax collection campaign in the municipality;
9. To completely protect and conseive the natural resources of the municipality;
10. Promote healthful living through the provision of sanitary/systematic waste disposal;
11. To provide adequate facilities for the physical development of the community residents;
12. Provide qualitatively functional and viable educational system to supply the demands of the socio-economic system;
13. To complete and implement tourism’ activity in Mt. Balungao in order to invest in eco-tourism to uplift the socio-economic status of the people;
1. To maximize agriculture productivity thru the provision of infrastructure support facilities/services;
2. To improve the level of education of local farmers and their family members in farm management thru trainings/ seminars;
3. To improve the capability of existing agricultural and support facilities and services to better serve the technical and service needs of farm families;
4. To develop and implement program in backyard and community food production to ensure adequate food supply for family and market with fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meats;
5. To develop adequate and profitable market and marketing channels;
6. To facilitates linkage between farmers organization and financial institutions;

Industry, Trade and Tourism
1. To generate income from the tourism industry through the construction/provision of infrastructure support facilities;
2. To increase income and generate additional revenue to the municipality;
3. To boast the town’s commercial activities through the provision of support facilities;
4. To develop small scale cottage industries as a tool in attaining higher standard of living and in alleviating poverty thru the provision of support services facilities;

Environment and Natural Resources
1. To completely protect and conserve the natural resources of Balungao especially Mt. Balungao Forest Reserve;
2. To prevent, minimize and control significant harmful effects on the environment resulting from natural and man-made development activities by initiating projects which have significant effect on preserving the environment;
Education and Manpower Development
1. To upgrade the existing educational facilities, services and system in the municipality;
2. To provide continuing vocational trainings for out-of-school youths and needy adults;

Health and Nutrition
To provide and equip health centers in every barangay and to improve health care services therein;
1. To help provide for the detection and control of malnutrition cases, and improve the eating habits of the mass of the people;
2. To upgrade the existing health facilities, services in the municipality;

Social Welfare and Community Development
1. To improve the existing welfare services/facilities and to rehabilitate the socially and economically handicapped persons;
3. To provide adequate and comfortable physical working conditions for municipal personnel;
4. To improve the administrative and fiscal capabilities of the municipal and barangay governments;
5. To keep the people adequately informed of government plans, programs and projects to win their confidence and support to make them willing partners in development;

1. To adopt and implement policies of the government in planning human settlements that can better provide facilities and services promoting a living environment that can truly enhance the economic, social, cultural, moral and athletic well-being of the people;
Peace and Order
1. To prepare and adopt a Municipal Preparedness Plan;
2. To intensify the Drug Abuse Campaign of the Municipality;
3. To maximize and strengthen the police force;
4. To elicit maximum participation of the citizenry, barangay and tanods in the prevention and solution of crimes in the community;
5. To increase awareness of community residents on fire prevention techniques and measures;
6. To enhance greater strength and efficiency of firemen in managing fire incidences;
1. To improve the mobility of people and goods throughout the municipality through the construction/repair of transport facilities;
1. To improve the postal services through the provision of adequate postal facilities
2. To provide an efficient telecommunication services in the Poblacion and in the rural areas;
Power and Energy
1. To enhance community development and promote a fuller and more progressive community life through electrification;
Water Resources
1. To provide the community adequate potable water supply;

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