With the help of the European Union through  FAO and LGU Balungao, programs for the Increase in Rice Yield and Productivity through the Promotion of Small Scale Irrigation and Integrated Crop Management System in Rainfed Areas have been provided to qualified beneficiaries  all throughout Balungao.

Farmers Field School with emphasis on Palay Check has been conducted coupled with the distribution of farm inputs such as Certified Rice Seeds, Hybrid Corn seeds, Fertilizers  Urea/1414-14/0-0-60 and Organic.

Pump Engines with completed accessories have also been distributed and the Installation of Shallow Tube Well.

Provisions were made for Drum Seeder and Rice Hull Carbonizer.


 The Local Government with the assistance of the PCARRD and the Department of Agriculture Development and continues to conduct thorough  research on Rural Enterprise Development  (RED) through Innovative Goat Production System. The Municipality has now 10 heads pure bred bucks with 86 offsprings and 2 heads pure bread buck with 46 offsprings.

                The Farmer’s  Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center which is a joint venture also of the PCARDD, DA and LGU Balungao, provides training and quality planting materials/animal stocks which are available to clients.

                AS per assessment of damages of calamities, Immediate Agricultural Assistance are given to Flood Affected Farming  Communities by providing livelihood projects to distressed farmers. Starter packages include Piglets and feeds or Goats or Native Chicken. This program also include the distribution of Biologics.

                The Municipality of Balungao shall continue to look for ways to Provide better service to  the people,  to protect its existing natural resources and continue to make Balungao still the best place to live in.

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