PSI Salvador Carganillo Acting Chief of Police
SPO4 Warlito R. Domingo Acting Deputy Chief of Police 
SPO4 Orencio A. Espiritu MESPO/TL
SPO1 Rey P. Ancheta Invest PNCO/Desk Officer
SPO1 Jesus S. Labuan Intel Operative
SPO1 Andres N. Vendiola Intel PNCO
PO3 Allan D. Abuan Intel Operative
PO3 Ruperto D. Comadre Intel Operative
PO3 Bernabe A. Lasquite Admin PNCO
PO3 Iris Lois P. Pamaran Warrant/Subpoena Server/Asst Invest PNCO
PO3 Ador B. Puntalba Traffic PNCO
PO3 Sherwin R. Sinang Operation PNCO/Duty Invest
PO2 Selwyn N. Abuan Intel Operative
PO2 Jocelyn E. Aquino WCPD/Asst FJGAD
PO2 Jose Gabino I. Castro Asst Warrant/Subpoena Server/Asst Invest PNCO
PO2 Juantio J. Dela Cruza, Jr. Intel Operative
PO2 Leo Angelo E. Jutie Finance PNCO/Asst PCR PNCO
PO2 Joel T. Molina Radio Operator/Desk Officer
PO2 Aurelio B.Pine PCR PNCO/Desk Officer
PO2 Onofre J. Ramiscal MAIDSOTG/Male WCPD/Driver
PO2 Jimmy R. Abbatuan HRAO/Asst Operation
PO2 Jofel L. Juan Supply PNCO/Asst Finance PNCO
PO2 Lee V. Liwanag Asst MAIDSOTG PNCO
PO2 Roberto Santiago Intel Operative
PO1 Junar D. Costales Asst Radio Operator/Jailer/Asst Admin
PO1 Zaldy D. Geminiano Admin PNCO/Asst Supply PNCO
PO1 Cristina J. Tejada FJGAD/Asst Supply PNCO
Evamarie P. Mesisgan NUP

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