Infrastructure Development is one of the top priorities of the Municipality of Balungao This is given priority to increases the Municipality’s growth potential and to achieve sustainable development. It also improves the quality of life of the people, crease productivity and bring comfort to the communities

Through the competent leadership of Mayor Philipp G. Peralta and the Sangguniang Bayan, under the able leadership of vice Mayor Minda T. Peralta, numerous projects were implemented through the initiative of Congressman Marlyn Primacias Agabas and the different agencies of the government.

Among the priority projects that were implemented are farm to market roads which aims to increase the productivity of farmers and to ease the travel burden of the communities. These farm to market roads have been strategically programmed to interconnect the different Barangays for easy access which will make travel easier for the different communities.

The continuing projects such as riverbank protection (also known as riprapping) which aims to protect properties and homes from the destructive affects of massive river flows during calamities and heavy rain falls which may raise the water level of the rivers and its tributaries.

Small water impounding projects (swip) are constructed to assist rain fed farmlands in times of drought, and to provide water source. Mini dams and dikes are also constructed to regulate excessive water flow and stores water in the reservoir, then released in times of low water supply in certain areas. These water reservoirs do not only serve the purpose of managing water sources but may also be used as recreation sites in the locality. The Local Government Unit of Balungao, through the studies conducted by the Department of Agriculture-Region1(DA-R1) and the Municipal Agriculturist Office, water reserves are necessary to increase the potential in crop production and increase the economic performance of farmers in the Municipality.

These infrastructure development projects are given top priority to alleviate poverty and to bring opportunities to improve the quality of living condition of the community members.


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