At 102, Pangasinan’s super lola can still sing, add numbers

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan, Philippines – This super lola (grandma) is still strong and healthy at age 102 – and even has sharp memory. She can still add numbers as well as sing the popular Pangasinense love song Malinac Lay Labi (Calm is the Night).

When The STAR visited her at her residence in Barangay Naguelguel here yesterday, Bai Ebay, as lola Genoveva Paragas is fondly called, had just finished her breakfast and was drinking her coffee with milk and taking about three types of multi-vitamin supplements, without anyone assisting her.

Bai Ebay, who used to sell bangus (milkfish) and other goods in the market, wowed her visitors with her ability to add numbers, even two-digit ones.

It is her youngest daughter, Narcisa, 62, a retired teacher, who keeps Bai Ebay’s memory active by making her add numbers and telling her stories about their family every day.

Asked what her husband’s name was, Bai Ebay quickly answered Daniel, even adding that her parents were Insiang and Sianong and naming some of her neighbors.

When Bai Ebay turned 101 last year, she was named “Super Lola” during the barangay fiesta, and has since become an instant local celebrity.

Born on June 3, 1907 in Barangay Naguelguel, Bai Ebay is the eldest in a brood of four and the only survivor now.

From the time she turned 90 and every year thereafter, her birthday has become a family reunion. She got a grand celebration when she reached 100.

Her children are all professionals: Estrellita Casipit, 77, and Narcisa, both retired teachers; Victorino Paragas, 73, and Agustin, 69, both engineers; and Emerita Batingan, 66, a retired teacher based in the United States. read more >>

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