Accomplishments Report 2007


1. Completion of the Municipal Hall & Php 500,000.00 20% MDF
     Procurement of Office Furniture & Fixtures 600,000.00 20 % MDF (Supplemental)
  500,000.00 20% Monetized
  1,500,000.00 Monetized IRA
2. Concreting of Capulaan Brgy. Roads  Php 2,500,000.00 DAR
3. Concreting of Municipal Roads Php 500,000.00 20% MDF
4. Construction of CHB-Lined Canal at the Public Market Php 150,000.00 20% MDF
5. Concreting of San Julian to San Marcelino Farm to Market Roads CDF of Congressman Conrad Estrella II
6. Asphalting of Esmeralda Provincial Road Provincial Fund  
7. Maintenance of the Mt. Balungao Hot & Cold Springs Resort (Installation of windows with grills of the lodging house, purchase of cleaning materials, installation of electrical lightnings & outlets, etc.)  Php 450,000.00  20% MDF
8. Riprapping of the Banilla River Bank at Barangay San Aurelio II Php 70,000.00 20% MDF
9. Procurement of two (2) units Lap-top & one desktop computers Php 160,000.00 20% MDF
10. Goat Model Farm    
      a. Fencing of the Model Farm Sites Php 80,000.00 20% MDF
      b. Planting of Grasses   Sual Breeding Station
      c. Goat Production Php 1,000,000.00 Hon. Mario Aguja,
    Dept. of Agriculture
11. Farmers Information Technology Services (FITS Program)    
      a. Acquisition of computer & accessories   ILARRDEC
      b. Digital Camera   ILARRDEC
      c. Acquisition of 29” TV Php 21,000.00 20% MDF
      d. Acquisition of DVD Player 4,900.00 20% MDF
      e. Fax Machine 4,250.00 20% MDF
12. Distribution of Farm Inputs    
      a. Subsidized Rice Certified Seeds Php 308,000.00 D.A.
      b. Quik-Turn-Around Scheme 91,250.00 D.A.
          Rice Good Seeds (September Plantings)    
      c. Subsidized Rice Hybrid Seeds 42,000.00 D.A.
      d. Organic Fertilizer 21,000.00 D.A.
      e. Zinc Sulfate 12,600.00 D.A.
      F Subsidized hybrid corn seeds 200,000.00 D.A.
13. Farmers’ Capability Enhancement on Crops    
     a. Training on Organic Production & Mango Production Php 9,000.00 Farmers/LGU
     b. Lakbay Aral at PSU, Sta.Maria 3,000.00 Farmers/PSU Sta.Maria/  LGU Fund
14. Farmer’s Capability Enhancement on Livestock Php 15,000.00 DA/LGU Fund
15. Vaccination of Anti-Rabies and Hog Cholera Php 40,687.00 OPVET/Farmer’s Equity
16. Veterinary Services    
     a. Treatment Php 27,806.50 Farmer’s Equity
     b. Castration 19,680.00 Farmer’s Equity
     c. Deworming 1,500.00 Farmer’s Equity
17. Palayamanan Project    
     a. Capability Enhancement Php 6,500.00 PhilRice/LGU Fund
     b. Seed Production 13,200.00 PhilRice
     c. Provision of two (2) units Drum Seeder   PhilRice
18. Supplemental Feeding Php 53,000.00 20% MDF
19. Youth Welfare Program    
     a. Conduct of Inter-Brgy. Basketball Tournament Php 130,000.00 20% MDF
     b. Educational Assistance(TESDA Scholars) 57,237.00 20% MDF
20. Livelihood Assistance Php 18,000.00 LGU Fund
21. Medicare para sa Masa Php 45,000.00 20% MDF
22. Mutual Death Aid Php 1,198,400.00 Association of Senior Citizen
23. PWD’S provided assistive devices    
     (2 units wheel chair & 1 unit hearing aid)   PSWDO/Project Luke
24. Aid to individual in Crisis Situation Php 107,900.00 LGU Fund
25. Emergency Shelter Assistance Php 2,000.00 LGU Fund
25. Maternal Health Care, Comprehensive Child Care, Nutrition,    
     Disease Control Program, Dental Service    
     & Environment Sanitation Php 100,000.00 LGU Fund
26. Contraceptive Self-Reliance Program & CSR Plus Php 80,000.00 20% MDF

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