Balungao, Pangasinan

Honorable Vice Mayor Minda Peralta, Honorable Members of the Sangguniang Bayan, Honorable Members of the Liga ng mga Barangay and their Council,  Heads of the different Municipal Departments, Principals and Teachers of Public and Private Schools, the Balungao Police and the CVOs, RIC and Women’s Club, Officers of the OSCA and our dear Senior Citizens, Members of the different NGOs,  Friends,  Family Ladies and Gentlemen

            June 30, 2010, when I took my oath of office, I promised to carry on my duties and responsibilities as a public servant and will serve the people and God above all things.  And part of my commitment is to bring to the people what is expected of me and to serve to the best of my ability. 

            To this very moment, I serve with true conviction with love for God, people and country.  As I believe, this administration of the people has brought many reforms and introduced certain changes for the sake of progress and humanity.  Ladies and Gentlemen, by reason of good governance and transparency, I would like to present to you, the State of the Municipality of Balungao.


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            Our number one priority is Health Care.  We started with the improvement of our own facility in order to create a fresh and healthy environment.  The Health Center is maintained and has remained clean at all times.  The extension was provided by then Senator Miguel “Migs” Zubiri in late 2010.  This extension became functional as the Doctor’s Office and Treatment room.  If things will go well, the center will again experience another expansion in order to have more space to accommodate more patients. Not to forget, our Rural Health Unit is PhilHealth Accredited and DOH certified. It also serves as a Lying-In clinic, Maternal and child care unit.

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            HEALTH BENEFITS such as PhilHealth Insurance are provided not only to indigents but also to the Community Health Team who are constantly exposed to sick patients.  Now, more people, even the poorest of the poor will be able to enjoy quality health care for lesser cost.

             Last February of this year, we were able to invite Filipino Doctors and Nurses from Wisconsin, USA, also our local doctors, dentists and nurses and also the best Surgeons in the country, to conduct medical and dental mission for 2 days exclusively for Balungao.  They also conducted minor surgical procedures and eye surgery as well, with continuous post-operative check up of patients.  Because of that, more than a thousand patients were served. 

            Apart from the missions, we also conduct an annual Operation Tule and free medical consultation and treatment everyday.

            We must also thank the National Government for granting us extra hands in the persons of the RNheals.  These young nurses are given the opportunity to serve in their own town and are also extra caring hands in our health center.

            We also conducted health education to different schools for the prevention of grave illnesses or awareness of symptoms of dengue fever, typhoid, acute gastroenteritis, pulmonary tuberculosis and anti-rabies.

            We also gave extra attention to possible epidemics and we also conducted fogging in different barangays to further prevent dengue fever.                                                                                                                

            We now have 3 functional ambulances and is always ready 24 hours a day.  The new ambulance is a grant by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office thru the initiative of the Executive and the Sangguniang Bayan Office, with the help of Congresswoman Marlyn Primicias Agabas.  Therefore, more patients may be transported to hospitals with better facilities within and outside Balungao.

            The Community Health Team under the BNS, celebrates Nutrition month with Vegetable Cooking Contest, feeding and distribution of oral hygiene kit and vitamins sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Colton James Gault.



            For our Education and Educational concerns, I do not believe in ignorance because anyone can avail of free quality education from our public schools.  We do not discount the education imparted by our teachers, as there are students who excel in academics and the arts.  We continue to campaign that every child must be educated and learn values not only within the confines of their own homes but also in school with proper interaction and socialization with other children.

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            This administration found resources for additional classrooms or rehabilitation of school buildings, to create a happy clean, healthy learning environment for the students and teachers as well.  We shall never cease to thank PLDT-Smart for the rehabilitation of classrooms in Mabini Elementary School and Esmeralda Elementary School.  And Congressman Marlyn Primicias Agabas who also found a way to rehabilitate the school building of San Andres Elementary School, Mabini Elementary School and Rajal Angayan Elementary and High School. 

            My commitment to assist children in their school needs has never ceased.  For 6 straight years, since I was still a municipal councilor, my wife and I go out of our way to distribute school supplies and slippers, and sponsor feeding programs in our own capacity. 


            In the beginning of 2012, Abono Partylist and the LGU of Balungao, distributed books and learning aids for Alternative Learning System or ALS for short.  This is an enhancement program for technology and poverty alleviation.

            I thank all the more than 200 members of the teaching force of the Elementary and High School Departments, including the LSB designated teachers for their undying dedication under the able leadership of their Principals and Madam Nida Bince, our OIC District Supervisor and the Principals of the different High Schools.

            And I thank you for educating the children of Balungao to become better citizens of the world and future leaders who knows how to spread good moral values.



            Due to the untimely demise of our dear Madam Corazon Ubaldo vda de Acosta, this office appointed another person whom I believed to be a woman of equal quality and most qualified as Madam Azon.  Although our dear Tita Azon will always be one of the best, we have chosen somebody who has equal conviction and dedication to serve.   She has been in with the teaching force for many years, and is known for her fairness and good judgment.  She is no other than my teacher, Madam Zenaida   Luna. 

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            We give utmost importance to elderly care and senior citizen benefits.  Social pensions are granted to retirees and we also gave assistance to sick elders, and we make sure that they are given the best care that our agency can provide. 

            We also looked into the welfare of pre-school day care students by providing them with school supplies and participating in supplemental feeding programs. We also distributed food supplies, eating materials to all 21-day care centers of Balungao under the Supplemental Feeding Program funded by the LGU and the DSWD.

            Other benefits consist of giving financial assistance to sick indigents, assistance for bereaved families and referral to doctors and be transported to the hospitals either to Carmen, Dagupan City, Tayug, Baguio or Manila at no cost.

            We also provided Wheelchairs to persons with disability and even IDs for the purchase of discounted medicines and other health benefits.

            Women also benefitted from programs regarding maternal care, childcare and skills development and even financial assistance.  We also distributed livelihood assistance to the San Joaquin Women’s Group amounting to Php125,000.00.

            24 Out-of-School Youth also benefitted from the Government Internship Program, which was funded by the DSWD.

            Philhealth insurances are also given to indigents in every Barangay every year in order to ease the burden of high costs of medical and health care.  Philhealth Cards are issued to 2,225 indigent families sponsored by our Governor, Hon. Amado T. Espino, Jr.

            Short-Term Jobs were provided by the National DSWD in the form of the Cash for Work Program in 2011-2012.  This program is coursed through the different Barangays where 1412 small-scale farmers from 20 Barangays benefitted from this program.  This grant amounted to the Php 3,451,600.00.

            And we also distributed relief goods, food supplies and medicines to victims of flood due to typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng, Pedring, Juan and Quiel, particularly from Barangays San Leon and Rajal and other barangays. 



            After more than 2 decades, this town hosted one of the biggest event of the Catholic Church which is the Diocesan Christ the King Celebration.  We owe its success to the peacekeepers, municipal employees and representatives from other towns.  Catholics and Non-Catholics alike joined forces in lending a hand in receiving thousands of visitors from all over 19 towns and one City.

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            We continue to support and encourage the young generation and the young at heart to participate in sports activities for a healthy active mind and body.  This is also an anti-illegal drugs campaign and to promote the welfare of the young generation.  Many of Balungao’s youth have proudly represented their school and town in District, Provincial, Regional and National competitions. 

            Our Goat Festival is renowned not only here in the Balungao but nationally and internationally as well.  The proceeds of our annual fiesta has already been

effected as projects,  in honor of the reigning personalities of their time.



            We should also salute the Police force, CAFGUs, CVOs and BPATS for their effort to keep the peace.  Although we have several cases reported, these different teams are doing their best to keep Balungao generally peaceful and friendly to visitors.

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            The PNP also conducted seminar for the Barangay Peace Keeping Action Team (BPATs), for proper implementation of authority without abuse and with proper care.

            Tourist Police are also deployed at the Mt Balungao Hot and Cold Springs Resort to protect our locals and tourists within and outside the area.  We have also employed the services of the CAFGUs for the same purpose. 



            In our commitment to bring convenience to all road users, we also gave priority to many infrastructure projects including Roads, Buildings and Riverbank protection.

            Projects completed in 2011 are the concreting of Barangay Roads of Mabini and San Andres, including the 2.4 km opening of the Peralta Road for the convenience of upland residents and accessibility to the Mt. Balungao Hot and Cold Springs.  Soon enough, this road interconnecting Barangays Pugaro and Mabini will be rehabilitated, also by the Provincial Office in cooperation with the Department of Public Works and Highways.

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            This 2012, Farm to Market Roads are constructed again in Barangays Esmeralda, Angayan Sur, Mabini, San Andres also along Napudot Road and Peralta Road interconnecting Pugaro and Mabini. 

            Also, in preparation of the Christ the King Celebration, Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. also prepared the processional road thru an Asphalt Overlay Project of the roads along Barangays Poblacion, Pugaro, San Aurelio 1st, San Aurelio 2nd and the back of the Municipal Hall Building.

            The Provincial Government, and again through the initiative of Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr., in line with the Province’s Tourism Program, the concreting of the remaining rough roads going towards our resort is underway.   This is for the convenience of the visiting tourists, residents along the area and locals of nearby barangays.

            Our request that our riverbanks be protected due to the damage created by the strong typhoons and floods were granted.  Barangays San Aurelio 1st and 3rd, Angayan Norte, Capulaan and San Leon were beneficiaries of this project.  We have also requested that the banks of Lagasit River be protected and repaired to stop the erosion of properties within Barangay San Julian and other Barangays affected by the same.

            In our effort to enhance the productivity of farmers and the protection of properties from the excessive in-flow and out-flow of water, we also rehabilitated the Don Isidoro Dam located in Barangay Mauban, Catillaongan Dam located in Barangay Kita-Kita and the Don Aguedo Agbayani Dam located in Umingan, Pangasinan, where 95% of the beneficiaries of this dam are farmlands located in Balungao. 

            After the 2011 Fiesta Celebration, the remains from the proceeds were used to build another span of bleachers, then again in 2012.  Hopefully, for the next coming years, we will again continue more development projects under my administration.

            We also completed the bleachers of the Municipal Gymnasium in order to accommodate more people during events.

            We still continue to landscape, develop and maintain the Municipal Parks and Plaza, Auditorium Park and Parking Lot behind the Municipal Hall.

            We also constructed pathways within and around the auditorium.  These are still part of the Cleaning and Beautification of the Municipal Grounds.

            We also built the Municipal Motorpool and the Municipal Goathouse in the same compound. 

            In the new Municipal Cemetery, we also built additional apartment type vaults and the Mortuary or Ermita for the final rites before burial.

            In place of the old structures, we built the additional market stalls and are now ready to be leased out.

            And also, we continue to construct line canals within residential areas and also rehabilitated the public comfort rooms within the public market, park and comfort rooms here at the Municipal gymnasium.

            Also, through the initiative of this office, we were also able to request from Madam Congresswoman additional funding for the continuation of the Liga Building.

            In our effort for orderliness and space capacity, we installed roll-ups covering spaces behind the bleachers.

            And part of our effort to improve the vicinity of Mt. Balungao Hot and Cold Springs Resort, we rehabilitated the cabanas, restrooms and currently improving the parking lot. 

            We even included the riprapping of different areas within the resort, which may also be eroded by mudslides from the mountain.

            We also installed water systems for potable water source at the Balungao Hot and Cold Springs Resort, to improve the water supply,  and at the Municipal Grounds, as a solution to minimize the high cost of water bill.  Now, our consumption was brought down from P14,000 plus to the amount of P8000 plus pesos.

            We stand by our “No Brownout” policy in the Municipal Hall as we do not want to impede work by reason of no power.  We purchased a 90/100 KVA generator set which has full capacity to generate electrical energy not only in the offices and the street lights as well. 



            As Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in this town, we tried to find ways to be of assistance and for the benefit of the local farmers.  Livelihood programs are created to enhance productivity and to alleviate poverty.  We purchased goats of local and imported breeds and we are in the process of increasing its quantity with better quality and will be available for sale and for livelihood in the future.

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            In 2011, we distributed certified seeds with subsidy from the Department of Agriculture.  We also gave loan assistance to local corn producers.

            We also distributed farm inputs funded by the European Union thru Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO.

            We also distributed pumps and engines under the counterpart scheme of the Department of Agriculture.  With this program, our local farmers were able to acquire pumps and engines for half the original price.

            In 2012, other projects that were funded by Abono Partylist such as the grant of Fruit Bearing Tree Seedlings,  Books for the Alternative Learning System and the African Night Crawlers known for Vermi Culture and Vermi Composting Project for the production of organic fertilizer with the use of Biodegradable Waste Materials were  granted to this Municipality.  Similar projects were also funded by Senator Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto and Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada.  These projects are for the benefit of our local farmers for productivity and interested parties for livelihood. 

            The BFAR also distributed tilapia fingerlings to 50 farm families to provide additional income.

            Swine Loan assistance with feeding program are provided to give additional income to swine raisers, and we also dispersed swines which are offsprings of the Swine with feeding program which is a joint project by the Local Government of Balungao, Abono Partylist and DA-RFU1.

            We also conducted Hybrid-Inbred Techno Demo in 3 sites in order to show the superiority of hybrid rice over inbred rice variety in terms of production and income.  This is also a joint project of the Local Government of Balungao and the DA-RFU1. 

            We also have the Palit Binhi Techno Demo, which aims to provide quality rice seeds to farmers at a lower cost.

            We also have the Modified Dry Direct Seedlings (MDDS), which demonstrates dry seedlings in rainfed areas using Lithao at 80 kilograms of rice seeds per hectare.

            Assorted Vegetable seeds are also distributed to vegetable growers for livelihood.

            Our local farmers also availed of the cheaper cost of tractor rental for their farming needs.  We also allow the rental of the Municipal Bulldozer also for lesser rental cost.

            This department also conducts Anti-Rabies vaccination and animal care. 

            Our aim is to provide technology to our local farmers for the enhancement of products to increase their income.



            We made our commitment to protect the environment by means of the active campaign and action by the LGU.  Thru the concerted effort of the Municipal Clean and Green and the Municipal Tourism, in coordination with the Barangay Council, we still remain as one of the cleanest Municipality in the Province of Pangasinan. The Municipal Gardens, Grounds and Market are closely monitored and well-kept at all times.   It is common sense that a clean environment is a healthy environment.  And this is also our way of showing how beautiful and clean Balungao is.

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            We also opened our doors to groups such as the DENR, Sangguniang Kabataan, the Pagasinan Parole and Probation Administration Office No. 2, Municipal Employees, Pangasinan Provincial Offices, and Non-Government Offices for tree planting for the recovery of Mt. Balungao as it has been hit by grass and forest fires 3 times this year.  To date more than 10,000 bearing and non- bearing trees were planted in our own forest.  

            The Municipal Clean and Green and the Municipal Tourism, with the participation of the different High Schools in Balungao, also conduct occasional Clean-Up Drives.  I know that because of the contribution and industry of these different groups, this Municipality bagged a provincial award for being the Cleanest and Greenest Municipality in 2011. 

            After proper documentation and labeling, we will be distributing plastic trash bins to different schools and barangay halls.  This is a project of the Municipal Clean and Green.                             



            The Mt. Balungao Hot and Cold Springs, also known as the Balungao Hilltop Adventure, had its grand re-opening last September 8, 2011.  We featured and introduced to the public several adventures such as hiking, mountain climbing, spider bungee trampoline, atv riding and the longest functional zipline in Luzon- the second longest in the country to date.   Not very long, we will be building the kilometer giant, which is a kilometer long Zipline and still the longest, steepest and fastest in Luzon.

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            This project did not only produce income for the Local Government, it has also created jobs and has given fame for the Province of Pangasinan.  From October 2011 to present, we were known as the most visited tourist destination in the entire Province.  Our tourists comprise of visiting public from neighboring towns and Cities and from the Provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Baguio and Metro Manila, and even foreigners and balikbayans from abroad.

            The Balungao Hilltop Adventure has also been featured by the National TVs,  ABS-CBN, GMA7, and the International Channel Solar Sports and Living Asia.

            This place has also been the venue for the pictorials of the Limgas na Dayat Miss Pangasinan Pageant and the Hiyas ng Manaoag Beauty Pageant.

            Also this has also been the venue for events, seminars, team-building and practical work for Tourism and HRM Students from Colleges and Universities in Urdaneta City.

            We are also proud to say that we conducted a 3-day basic reception and tour guiding techniques given by experts from the University of the Philippines.

            We are also finding ways that our Mt. Balungao Hot Springs will have more improved facilities.  We are crossing our fingers that the Province of Pangasinan and the Department of Tourism will grant us additional funding for its beautification and improvement of facilities on top of the Road-Concreting that is now on-going.

            We owe this commendable work from the untiring effort and determination of the Resort and Adventure Team. 



            This administration is indeed serious in strengthening its fiscal management. Therefore, we brought measures for good governance and transparency, thru the guidance of the various National Agencies to guide us in the proper management of funds and recording of the books.   I am also proud to say that the Local Finance Committee is doing a great job in their respective departments.  Therefore, it is also worthy enough to mention the income from 2011 thru the 2nd quarter of 2012. 

            The revenues generated by the Local Government comes from the collection of Real Property Taxes and our Economic Enterprises which consists of income from the Balungao Hot and Cold Springs and the Balungao Hilltop Adventure, Municipal Public Cemetery, Municipal Market Stalls Collection, Farm Equipment Rentals and Marriage Solemnizations. 

            From the beginning of 2011 to the second quarter of this year, this Municipality earned a total income of Php 12,073,755.00.

            Because of this, I believe this Municipality is now capable of investing in several projects that will increase income and will provide jobs to our locals.  Soon enough, we will be able to realize more projects and more quality service for the



            I cannot discount the work of the Sangguniang Bayan.  Under the able leadership of our Municipal Vice Mayor Minda Tambio Peralta and Municipal Councilors, the legislative office   brought the Sanggunian closer to the people.  On our first year, the SB conducted their sessions in several barangays. It is one way of determining the needs of the people close hand.

            Many resolutions have been passed by this body and has aided the Executive body in requesting for assistance and projects from various government agencies.  The Tax Code was defended and finally approved by the Sangguniang Panlungsod and is fully enforced by the Local Government.  This is also one way of implementing new rates in place of the old rates.  And this has generated additional income for the Municipality.

            The 2012 Market Code of Balungao has already been approved by the Sangguniang Bayan, and pending approval of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan.  This code shall govern the administration and operation of the Balungao and San Leon Public Markets, including the classification, construction, repair, renovation of booths and stalls.  It will also cover the imposition and collection of market rental fees and charges for occupancy.   

            It is also worthy to mention that for the sake of order and health benefits,  the following ordinances that the Sangguniang Bayan has passed and already being enforced.  These are, Ordinance declaring one lot, one pantheon policy and the Ordinance Creating a PhilHealth Capitation Fund which aims at setting into motion a meaningful health care financing and mechanism anchored on local government, in short, Medicare para sa Masa.       

            Apart from their usual work in the office, the members of the Sangguniang Bayan and the legislative staff go out of their way to become either Tourism officers, philanthropist and community workers, too!  This team made work easier for the Executive Department because of the issues they research, recover and resolve, and they also determine the needs of the people.  And I am proud of the many work they accomplished in 2011 up to present.



            There are different agencies that have assisted us in bringing service closer to the people.  The Department of Labor and Employment or DOLE gave assistance to our local Tupig Producers and Squash Noodles Production by providing them with Pangkabuhayan Packages or starter kits.  We were also given assistance for our Goat Breeder production for better breed of bucks and does. 

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            We also hosted last November 29, 2011, the DOLE’s JOBS FAIR, where many were given the opportunity to find jobs here or abroad.  And we also continue to guide and recommend to job applicants abroad to different DOLE certified and approved, preventing applicants from being victims of illegal recruitment.

            For poverty alleviation and assistance to typhoon victims, we were also able to avail of the DOLE’s Emergency Employment Program, where we were able to provide short-term jobs to 150 beneficiary-workers in 2011 and 2012.

            And also the DOLE and LGU Balungao signed a Memorandum of Understanding last November 2011 under the DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program (DILP) for Barangay Poblacion’s Tupig Making Enhancement Program, for Pugaro’s Banana Production, San Andres and Mabini’s Charcoal Briquitte Making from waste materials, and San Joaquin’s Glutinous Rice Production.   

            The Department of Social Welfare and Development did not only give opportunity to hundreds of workers in all Barangays in the Cash for Work Program. This program aims to help persons in need of jobs and to alleviate poverty. This very moment, our Municipal Team is in Calasiao, Pangasinan to attend an Orientation/Seminar for the 4Ps or the Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program wherein this Municipality has been targeted fo the 2012 expansion for the benefit of 1,285 families in different barangays.

            The Department of Trade and Industry also conducted dialogues with Market Vendors for the importance of lowering prices of goods and maintaining quality products for consumption.  This is also one good reason to keep our Markets clean to attract more consumers and buyers.

            The Professional Regulation Commission or PRC in their program, “Aldaw Ti Propesyonal” has also extended their help by coming to Balungao in order to help for easy access in the renewal of PRC Licenses and Application for Examination.  By this, Professionals from Balungao and from other towns were able to renew their licenses or apply for licensure examination without suffering the excessive cost of travelling to Metro Manila or Baguio City.  By this program, we were able to serve 264 persons.

            The Civil Service Commission (CSC), conducts continuous Personnel Management Assessment and Assistance, in compliance to good management and they make sure of the continuous good practice and the implementation of the Anti-Red Tape Act.

            Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Calimlim also gave the Municipality 200 monoblock chairs in 2011 then again, the Barangays have benefited from this project this 2012.  Him, together with Governor Espino, also distributed Megaphones to different Barangays and Offices of the Municipal Mayor and Vice Mayor.

            In cooperation with the Pangasinan Electric Cooperative III or PANELCO III, electric posts were raised and we also requested for the rehabilitation of the electrical systems of different Bangangays including the installation of new transformers, Through the initiative of the Chairman of the Board, Atty. Julius Ceasar Peralta.

            Apart from the Bulldozer, mini-loader and tractors, we also maintain three (3) dump trucks.  These equipment is fully maintained by our in-house mechanics, drivers and operators.

            Senator Jinggoy Estrada also gave us one (1) unit of Multi-Cab for the use of our tourism branch.  

            We also conduct earthquake drills incase of calamity, such as floods and other disasters. This Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Program is one way of strengthening the disaster response team in different barangays in assisting the local government in troubled times.

            And of course, I am proud to say, other than being the most visited tourist destination in the Province, Balungao was also awarded the cleanest, safest and greenest Municipality in 2011. 

            On top of all these, your Mayor works everyday and is on-call at any time of the day or night.    

            Ladies and Gentlemen, this administration worked so hard to keep Balungao in its present state.  We created a world where people will be proud and look forward to live, work and raise a family today and tomorrow.  I am proud to see Balungao shine with beauty and fame.

            Before I end my report, I would like to thank the following people who are responsible for the great things that happened and will continue to happen in Balungao.  Vice Mayor Minda T. Peralta and the members of the Sangguniang Bayan, Councilor Beatriz Ligero, Councilor Artemio Villapa, Jr.,

Councilor Dionisio Valerio, Councilor Ladio Villanueva, Councilor Crisanto Luna, Councilor Cromwell Oliver Hernadez, Councilor Romer Caseres, Councilor Salvador Alejandro and the Ex-Officio Members, Liga President Roberto Marzan and SK Federation President Jose T. Peralta III. 

            Sangguniang Bayan Secretary and Municipal Tourism Officer Dr. Gerardo U. Acosta and the Legislative Staff Sherill and Donna; and the rest of the resort and adventure park safety officers;

            Municipal Social and Development Officer, Madam Susana I. Ballano and her staff;

            Municipal Interior and Local Government Officer, Noel Rolluda;

            Municipal Treasurer, Nonieto Vino and the entire staff of the Treasurer’s Office;

            Municipal Accountant, Almeda De Venecia and Staff of the Accounting Office;

            Municipal Budget Officer, Eliseo Meniado and Staff;

            Municipal Agriculturist, Danny Imus and the entire Agriculture and Animal Health Team;

            Municipal Engineer, Engr. Cipriano Jacob and the entire staff of the Engineering Office;

            Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, Engineer Glace Osoteo and her team;

            Municipal Civil Registrar, Angelita T. Valerio and her staff;

            Municipal Assessor, Bobby Barrera and the entire staff of the Assessor’s Office;

            Municipal Health Officer, Dra. Irene Ocampo and the entire staff of the Health Center and the Sanitation, Pathology and Midwifery Team and our Ambulance Drivers;

            Municipal Nurse, Evangeline T. Bergonia and all of the nursing staff;

            Municipal Trial Court Judge Pauline Badol-Salve and the rest of the court employees;

            Chief of Police, Senior Police Insp. Willie P. Cabanayan and the rest of Balungao’s Finest, the CVOs and BPATs;

            Warden Officer, Roque Constantino Sison and the BJMP Officers;

            Bureau of Fire Protection Officer, Francis Melchor and the Fire fighting team;

            Municipal Information Officer, Raquel T. Caseres;

            Municipal Librarian and Legislative Officer, Ruby Pakkal;

            Postmaster, Carmela Orallo and Staff;

            Clean and Green Team Leaders, Nancy Aligam and Kagawad Jose and their maintenance team;

            Human Resource and Management and Peso Officer, Gloria Fernandez and assistant;

            And Of course, my own staff, Alma, Christine, Beth, Guijo, Lolit, Purit, Roman and the rest of the people in-charge of the Goat Farm, Benedict and Ronald, Mario and Panfilo, Municipal Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Team, Equipment Operators and Truck Drivers;

            Raffy, Master, Del, Joe, Benjie, Pacio, Dennis, Manong Tito and Candido;

            And the Chairman of the Clean and Green, Honorary Chairman of the RIC and Women’s Club,  Tourism and Senior Safety Officer of the Adventure Park, and Volunteer Worker, Riza Rodriguez Peralta;

 and the rest of my family who stands for and by me.

            And to everyone, I thank you for supporting this administration and for being so helpful in making Balungao a better place to live. Thank you for sharing with me these Glory days of Balungao.  And finally, I thank you endlessly for believing in my capacity to lead as your Leader.

            As your Municipal Mayor, I stand to renew my commitment to you and to serve God, people and country with all my heart and mind. 

            Thank you.  God Bless you and God Bless Balungao.      



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