Social Welfare Services

One of the LGU’s interests is the welfare of the public.  Together with the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO), services for Children are provided, from Day Care Services, Supplemental Feeding, Children Assistance such as Victims of Crime and Abuse and Senior Citizens’ benefits. 

            Adults, most especially the disadvantaged also benefitted from the program by providing them with referrals to hospitals or the PCSO for assistance, and also cash for work and relief in difficult times.  

Also, provisions for Mutual Death Benefits are also granted to qualified beneficiaries or indigent families.  Women also benefit from these programs by providing them with maternal, childcare and skills development and even financial assistance. 

            Persons with disability are provided with IDs for the purchase of discounted medicines and other health benefits. 

            PhilHealth cards are also granted to qualified beneficiaries of all barangays every year.  This eases the burden of the insured of the high cost of medical care and medicines.

            Social Pensions were also distributed to qualified beneficiaries among the Senior Citizens. 

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