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After the landscaping of the Municipal Auditorium Park, additional jobs were created for its maintenance and continuous development.  It is one of the major projects pertaining to the preservation of landmarks and remnants of the past administrations.  It is an ambiance created for relaxation and recreation.


            The constructed Concrete Line Canals at Barangay Poblacion, particularly, the Don Calixto Soliven Street, Pollante Road, Don Fausto Dacanay Extension, Micu Road, and part of Otis Street were constructed, maintained and cleaned more often to prevent illnesses that may be caused by stagnated or contaminated waters.           

            The construction of Goat House, the procurement of Anglonubian goats, feeds for Hog Raising Project, fertilizer distribution and piglet distribution are also a few projects that intends to enhance productivity and livelihood development. 


            Other income generating projects include the new Public Cemetery Extension that is already functional, and Additional Market Stalls located at the Plaza Complex.  


            In addition to these services and projects, the public benefits from programs provided by the Department of Labor and Employment such as Emergency Employment and Livelihood programs. 

            The LGU also conducted its annual job fair in the Municipality open for the entire district.  This is a program that will give a chance to job applicants to find work here and abroad.

            The proceeds of the 2011 Fiesta Celebration was implemented to construct the additional Auditorium Bleachers.  

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