EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 35 Series of 2021

Series of 2021
WHEREAS, Section 15, Article II of the 1987 Philippine Constitution and Section 16 of Republic Act No. 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1993, provide that Local Government Units within their territorial jurisdiction shall promote health and safety of the people;
WHEREAS, due to the nationwide spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the Philippines is declared to be under State of Public Health Emergency and State of Calamity by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte;
WHEREAS, through Executive Order No. 112, s. 2020, the Omnibus Guidelines for the Implementation of Community Quarantine in the Philippines (Omnibus Guidelines) issued and periodically updated by the IATF-EID is adopted for the implementation of health and quarantine protocols for different quarantine classifications in the Philippines;
WHEREAS, the Province of Pangasinan has been experiencing an unusual and alarming increase in COVID-19 cases since August 21, 2021 when the average daily new cases jumped from 93 to 322, with a record-high 721 cases logged on August 27, 2021, for a total of 21,653 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic;
WHEREAS, seventeen (17) cases of COVID-19 Delta (B.1.617) Variant were detected in Pangasinan, and there are reasons to believe that a community transmission of the Delta Variant is ongoing in the province;
WHEREAS, the public and private hospitals in Pangasinan have reached their maximum dedicated bed capacity for COVID-19 cases, as the Pangasinan Provincial Hospital (PPH) in San Carlos City is now operating more than 200% of its COVID-19 dedicated bed capacity, forcing the consideration of resorting to alternative quarantine facilities such as hotels, lodging facilities and classrooms;
WHEREAS, due to the foregoing COVID-19 situation in Pangasinan and the appeal made by the Provincial IATF, the IATF-EID reclassified the Province of Pangasinan from Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) under Resolution No. 135-A (s.2021) to General Community Quarantine (GCQ) with heightened restrictions from September 8-30, 2021 pursuant to Resolution No. 136-F (s.2021);
WHEREAS, the shift from MGCQ to GCQ renders necessary promulgation of community quarantine guidelines consistent with the latest Omnibus Guidelines and issuances of the IATF-EID and other relevant government agencies;
NOW THEREFORE, I, MARIA THERESA R. PERALTA, Municipal Mayor, Balungao, Pangasinan, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order the following:
A. Any person below eighteen (18) years old, those who are over sixty-five years (65) of age, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity, or other health risks, and pregnant women shall be required to remain in their residences at all times, except for obtaining essential goods and services, or for work in industries and offices or such other activities permitted under this Order, the Omnibus Guidelines, and latest DTI issuances.
B. The province-wide curfew from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM under Executive Order No. 0090-2021, issued by the Provincial Government of Pangasinan is hereby reiterated.
A. Every person is required to wear face masks at all times, especially when going outside of their residences, at workplace, when entering government buildings and offices, and while in public places. Violators thereof shall be penalized under Provincial Ordinance No. 240-2020, or the applicable local ordinance.
B. Public drivers, public commuters, employees of the government and private offices, and any persons entering commercial establishments such as but not limited to supermarkets, markets, banks, retail stores, and restaurants are required to wear face shields. Violators thereof shall be penalized under Provincial Ordinance No. 242-2020 or the applicable local ordinance.
C. Physical Distancing of at least one (1) meter must be observed.
D. All persons are enjoined to practice proper hygiene, including frequent hand washing for at least twenty (20) seconds.
E. In workplaces, eating in communal areas are extremely discouraged. It is best to eat in individual works areas, with observance of proper waste disposal.
F. Workplaces must install ventilation or filtration systems in their premises, pursuant to DOLE Dept. Order No. 224, 2021, with emphasis on the following:
1. For non-conditioned spaces, maximize natural ventilation through the use of windows, door and other openings, and the use of ventilating fans.
2. For spaces with Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), outdoor air supply should conform to the recommended breathing zone ventilation rates, for the purpose of general air dilution and comfort control. The ventilation rates, for the purpose of general air dilution and comfort control. The ventilation system should be run for at least 30 minutes before and after spaces are occupied.
3. For spaces with only local air conditioning units, dilution ventilation may be done through the use of exhaust fans, filters MERV13 or higher, or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Where ventilation is greatly recirculated or access to outside air is not feasible, filters such as HEPA filtration air purifiers can be used to clean recirculated air.
A. Gatherings outside of residences shall be prohibited except as subsequently provided. Gatherings at residences with any person outside of one’s immediate household shall likewise be prohibited. However, gatherings that are essential for the provision of health and government agency shall be allowed.
B. Religious gatherings shall be allowed up to ten percent (10%) of the venue capacity Provided, that there is no objection from the concerned LGU, Provided further, that concerned LGUs may increase the allowable capacity up to thirty percent (30%) venue capacity.
C. Gatherings for necrological services, wakes, inurnment and funerals for those who died of causes other than COVID-19 shall be allowed, provided that the same shall be limited to immediate family members, but in no case shall be held for more than three (3) nights;
D. Visits to memorial parks, cemeteries, and columbaria shall be limited to not more than ten (10) persons per group.
A. Component municipalities or cities that are declared as critical zones are encouraged to observe NO MOVEMENT DAY at least once a week.
B. During No Movement Day, no person shall be allowed to leave their respective residences, except for APORs and those accessing goods or services such as food and medicine. The day shall be utilized for disinfection of public places.
C. The list of critical areas shall be regularly updated by the Provincial Health Office and furnished weekly to component LGUs.
D. NO MOVEMENT DAY in the Municipality of Balungao is SUNDAY.
A. Local IATFs may form Task Forces comprised of municipal/city and barangay personnel for the purpose of monitoring compliance with this Order and other pertinent COVID-19 regulations in Pangasinan. In line with this, the Task Force may break mass gatherings and enforce curfew and minimum public health standards.
B. Any person caught in flagrante violating COVID-19 protocols and minimum public health standards may be apprehended by the Task Force and reported to the barangay hall, where they may be held for questioning for possible legal prosecution.
C. The Task Force is encouraged to maintain roving barkers to inform and remind people of pertinent COVID-19 regulations, such as the curfew and minimum public health standards.
A. Component LGUs are to implement a weekly schedule assigning market days to every barangay or cluster of barangays.
B. Barangay officials are directed to issue Quarantine Pass which shall indicate, among others, the holder’s name, barangay, and the corresponding market day schedule. There shall be only one (1) Quarantine Pass per household.
C. Entry to public markets and grocery markets shall be denied:
1. To persons without Quarantine Pass and valid ID;
2. To persons attempting entry outside their scheduled market day;
3. To persons not wearing face masks and face shields; and
4. To persons with body temperature higher than 37.5-degree Celsius.
D. For this purpose, public markets shall, as far as practicable, observe a One Entry – One Exit Policy, wherein the designated entry points shall be manned by personnel of component LGUs and the local Philippine National Police.
E. The following market schedules are as follows:
• POBLACION, BALUNGAO PUBLIC MARKET: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 5:30 am through 1:30 pm;
• SAN LEON, BALUNGAO PUBLIC MARKET: Thursday and Saturday, 5:30 am through 1:30 pm.
A. Videokes and karaokes outside of the residence or anywhere open to the public view shall likewise not be allowed.
B. Al fresco dining shall be allowed at fifty percent (50%) venue capacity; while indoor dine-in services shall be allowed up to a maximum of the twenty percent (20%) capacity.
C. Not allowed under DTI Memorandum Circular No. 21-28:
1. Indoor non-contact sports courts or venues, fitness studios, gyms, or other indoor leisure centers or facilities, and swimming pools
2. Indoor sports, courts, or venues for contact sports, scrimmages, games or activities
3. Indoor visitor or tourist attractions, libraries, archives, museums, and galleries, and cultural shows and exhibits
4. Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibitions (MICE) events and other social events in eligible venue establishments
5. Cinemas
6. Amusement parks or theme parks
7. Recreational venues such as internet cafes, billiard halls, amusement arcades, bowling alleys, and similar venues
8. Traditional cockfighting and operation of cockpits, except for the sole purpose of conducting e-sabong licensed and regulated by PAGCOR
9. Entertainment venues with live performances such as karaoke bars, bars, clubs, concert halls, and theaters
10. Fairs, peryas, kid amusement industries such as playgrounds, playroom, and kiddie rides.
A. Essential travels or travels by Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs) as designated by the IATF-EID or the PNP, coming from any zones, shall continue to be allowed in the Province of Pangasinan. Such APORs shall include but not be limited to frontline services, government personnel with travel order, emergency medical cases, public transportation, and movement of cargo.
1. APORs from the government shall be required to present a valid or government-issued ID, a travel order or itinerary, and to pass symptom-screening.
2. Other APORs may present their employment certificates, travel order, hospital referrals, and other proof of authority to travel.
B. Non-APORs and tourist from areas under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) shall not be allowed entry into Pangasinan.
C. For non-APORs, non-essential, and tourist travel from other provinces, MGCQ or GCQ shall be allowed subject to a negative RT-PCR or rapid antigen test before travel as requirement. The LGU of destination may impose additional regulations in their respective jurisdictions.
D. A COVID-19 domestic vaccination card shall serve as sufficient alternative to any testing required by the LGU. Provided, that the traveler shall undergo health and exposure screening upon arrival at the destination LGU.
E. All persons, except APORs travelling to Pangasinan, must secure their corresponding permits from the S-PaSS Travel Management System at https://s-pass.ph, and present negative RT-PCR or rapid antigen test at the border checkpoints, and when required by the LGU of destination.
F. All tourists are required to register with Pangasinan Tara Na at https://pangasinan.tarana.ph/.
G. Any person who is using or is attempting to use a forged, fake, fraudulent vaccination card and S-PaSS permit, or who submitted fraudulent requirements in the S-PaSS shall bot be allowed entry to Pangasinan, and shall be prosecuted under existing laws or ordinances.
SECTION 9. MECQ IN SOME COMPONENT LGUS. Notwithstanding the fact that the Province of Pangasinan is classified by the IATF-EID to be under GCQ with heightened restrictions, some component LGUs previously placed under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) pursuant to the requests of their respective local IATF, shall remain as such up to the dates indicated hereunder, or until so declared by the Pangasinan IATF. The following LGUs are as follows:
A. Municipality of Sison – up to September 9, 2021
B. Municipality of Pozorrubio – up to September 9, 2021
C. Municipality of Manaoag – up to September 19, 2021
SECTION 12. SEPARABILITY CLAUSE. Should any provision of this Order be declared by a court of competent authority as invalid or unconstitutional, the remaining provisions not adversely affected thereby shall remain in full force and effect.
SECTION 13. EFFECTIVITY CLAUSE. This Order shall take effect immediately until or unless subsequently amended/revoked/revised. All orders, rules, regulations, promulgations, circulars and/or issuances by the IATF and/or concerned national government offices/agencies are hereby adopted. All previous issuances of the undersigned, which are not in contravention of the IATF Resolutions and/or its member agencies shall be made applicable in a suppletory manner.
Done in the Municipality of Balungao, Pangasinan this 9th day of September 2021.

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