Accomplishment Report 2011


 In line with Mayor G. Peralta and the Municipality of Balungao’s development plan and commitment to the people, we are proud to present to you the many projects that have been implemented for the fiscal year of 2010, covering the period of July 2010 thru March 2011. Our aim is to provide sustainable growth and development as we trek the road to progress and to bring to the people the quality service they truly deserve.



                Among the projects that the local government of Balungao which would give the people the extra comfort and convenience, several projects are lodged in infrastructure and farm-to-market road projects particularly, the concreting of Pugaro-Napudot Road and road widening of the Napudot-Mabini Road going to the Mt. Balungao Hot and Cold Springs.

                Dilapidated schoolds such as Mabini Elementary School and Esmeralda Elementary School have been rehabilitated and renovated, respectively, through the sponsorship of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.

                AS part of the LGU’s Health programs, it was seen that there is need of expand the Municipal Health Office to Accommodate more patients and to provide more quality service. This has been made possible through the initiative of Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri with counterpart assistance from the plots, niches and prospective mausoleums.

                In line with campaign for cleanliness, 700 meters of CHB line canals were either constructed or rehabilitated within Barangay Poblacion in order to prevent the stagnation of rain or flood waters.

                The lace of storage has also been solved by the installation of 17 units of Roll-Up Doors behind the bleachers of the Municipal Gynm and Auditorium.

                The grounds behind the municipal building has been cleared together with the demolition of “No Brown-Out”  Business as usual in the Municipal Hall”. The Municipality can not impede its services to the people in times of power failure. Therefore, the acquisition 100KVA Generator set has provided power for the entire building including the street lights along the municipal grounds.



                The Public plaza along the auditorium grounds and around the municipal hall has been cleaned, landscaped and adorned with garden and picnics sets, ornamental and tropical plants for a fresh green site, for the enjoyment of the public.

                Improvements have been made inside the Cold and Hot Springs Resort by repairing the pavilion, lodging houses and shower rooms. A system for portable water supply has been installed for drinking and cooking.

                The road to the Hot and Cold Springs Resort will not be missed as local and visiting tourists will be guided by the illuminated directional signage along the highway.



                The topmost priority among all basic services provided b y the Municipality are lodged under the health services program. Other than the improvement of the facilities, health care programs are carefully implemented for the wellness of pregnant women and their unborn child by administering tetanus toxoid  plus and iron and are given access to maternal health care. Around 452 pregnant mothers have benefited from this program.

                To follow on the wellness of mothers, 633 children were given comprehensive child care. Reproductive Health Programs are also implemented by giving free lectures on family planning methods to 2,649 women of reproductive age of different barangays. More than 1900 persons with different diseases have been treated have received medical care.

                 In the onse of the dengue outbreak, environmental conditions have been controlled to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. All schools, public and private, have been made to clean their surroundings and assisted by the Municipality through fogging.

                Countless patients have been recipients of the medical and dental mission including inmates of the Balungao District Jail.



                Social Welfare Services that provide assistance to our needy elders, pre-schoolers, sick persons and the bereaved, are undertaken by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office and the Office of the Mayor through comprehensive programs such as Children’s welfare and protection, Older Persons’ Welfare, Persons with Disability, Emergency Shelter Assistance for calamity victims, Aid to individuals in crisis situation, Death benefits, Supplemental Feeding and Philhealth Memberships. Other programs include  giving referrals and medical assistance, educational benefits and legal assistance to victims of domestic violence. Livelihood programs for Women’s Association and for working mothers are also given to the women of Barangays Angayan Norte and Esmeralda.



                With the help of the Department of Labor and Employment, jobs have been provided through the Emergency Employment Program. Further, DOLE’s assistance went as far as the distribution of squash seeds and fertilizer for the Squash Production Project to compliment the Squash Canton Noodles Production of the Women of MARESMA Cooperative and the DAR. The potential of the Tupig has shown significance in its inclusion as one of the best products of the town. Hence, equipment and raw materials, including financial assistance have been awarded to the few tupig manufacturers and vendors, also by the DOLE and through the initiative of the Local Government.



                As part of the assistance to local farmers, the Department of Agriculture through the Municipal Agriculturist’s  Office implemented programs to enhance productivity in the distribution  of certified and hybrid vegetable seeds and other seeds with subsidy. To enhance productivity, Fertilizers and Pumps and Engines with complete accessories were distributed to qualified farmers of selected Barangays. The acquisition of Tractors and repair of the old unit has also been undertaken by the Municipal Government to provide affordable service to farmers. Due to these programs and services, farmers are able to have the opportunity to plant for second cropping.

                Programs for farm animal raisers and breeders such as Swine Breeding Production and the Integrated Goat Management has been given attention to by the Department of Agriculture and the Office of the Municipal Mayor. Goat raisers and breeders may now avail of the technology for breeding and raising full and half breed goats and the RED project through innovative Goat Production System.

                Vaccination (Rabies) and Deworming (Goats) are also available and may be administered by the in-house Veterinarians.



                With the help of the European Union through  FAO and LGU Balungao, programs for the Increase in Rice Yield and Productivity through the Promotion of Small Scale Irrigation and Integrated Crop Management System in Rainfed Areas have been provided to qualified beneficiaries  all throughout Balungao. Farmers Field School with emphasis on Palay Check has been conducted coupled with the distribution of farm inputs such as Certified Rice Seeds, Hybrid Corn seeds, Fertilizers  Urea/1414-14/0-0-60 and Organic. Pump Engines with completed accessories have also been distributed and the Installation of Shallow Tube Well. Provisions were made for Drum Seeder and Rice Hull Carbonizer.

                The Local Government with the assistance of the PCARRD and the Department of Agriculture Development and continues to conduct thorough  research on Rural Enterprise Development  (RED) through Innovative Goat Production System. The Municipality has now 10 heads pure bred bucks with 86 offsprings and 2 heads pure bread buck with 46 offsprings.

                The Farmer’s  Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center which is a joint venture also of the PCARDD, DA and LGU Balungao, provides training and quality planting materials/animal stocks which are available to clients.

                AS per assessment of damages of calamities, Immediate Agricultural Assistance are given to Flood Affected Farming  Communities by providing livelihood projects to distressed farmers. Starter packages include Piglets and feeds or Goats or Native Chicken. This program also include the distribution of Biologics.

                The Municipality of Balungao shall continue to look for ways to Provide better service to  the people,  to protect its existing natural resources and continue to make Balungao still the best place to live in.

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